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About Consciously Classy

I'm Amie, and like many of you other beauties out there, I am captivated by lipstick, colorful scarves, and other luxuries life has to offer. I also, however, see beauty in being kind to ourselves, one another, and the planet that we call home. I therefore enjoy finding the juncture between value and vanity as I seek out clean beauty, sustainable fashion, and an overall conscious consumerism lifestyle.

POLL: What is Your Favorite Lipstick Color Family?

There are so many colors of lipstick to choose from, and our preferences can be influenced by anything from a wardrobe change to a seasonal change.

Tell me what color family you most gravitate toward at the moment…

Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring all 15 shades of lipstick from Mineral Fusion, one of my favorite clean beauty brands, and also to find out my favorite hues!