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About Consciously Classy

I'm Amie, and like many of you other beauties out there, I am captivated by lipstick, colorful scarves, and other luxuries life has to offer. I also, however, see beauty in being kind to ourselves, one another, and the planet that we call home. I therefore enjoy finding the juncture between value and vanity as I seek out clean beauty, sustainable fashion, and an overall conscious consumerism lifestyle.

Where Smokey Eye Meets Pumpkin Pie

Though Thanksgiving has already passed, pumpkin spice season is still upon us…especially considering many of us are still faced with heaps of leftover pumpkin pie from our holiday feasts! Continue reading

A Cornucopia of Consciousness

There is much to be encountered in life whether it be material things or experiences. They may be superficial, or they may be deep. They may be forgotten in five minutes, or they may still resonate after ten years of passing. They may fill our hearts with incidental joy, or keep our hearts physically beating.

No matter the scale of importance, however, all of these things add to our vitality. Valuing small pleasures is equally as imperative as doing so for greater things, as they can be an easily accessible comfort at the end of a bad day. Unfortunately, you didn’t get the job promotion you had been hoping for, but at least you have your nightly skincare routine to look forward to. Continue reading

‘Toes the Season

Don we now our sustainable and eco-friendly apparel…

My feet are warming up for the holiday season in my Pact organic holiday socks and Andes Gifts leg warmers!

Hope you are all staying warm and safe as well. Remember to be kind, be conscious, and always keep it classy!

This post is not sponsored by any brands or companies. All products featured were purchased with my own funds, and all opinions are my own based on personal user experience.

Conscious Currents Vol. 1

Here are some current favorites of mine that deserve a spotlight on the stage of conscious and mindful living:

evanhealy Lavendar HydroSoul

One brand that has always stood out to me is evanhealy. Their gentle and holistic approach to skincare paired with ethical and sustainable practices make them a valuable part of the personal care industry.

Facial mists are one of my favorite types of beauty products, and I greatly appreciate the simplicity of a plant hydrosol. Evanhealy’s hydrosols are meticulously produced by steam-distilling the plants they hail from, and possess a number of skin-loving benefits. I enjoy using this one between steps in my skincare routine to enhance the absorption of other products. It also creates an aromatically calming experience when spritzed throughout the day…whenever I feel like it!

What makes it conscious:

  • USDA and Oregon Tilth certified organic
  • Lavender sourced from small family farms and uses only fresh plant materials
  • Artisan-distilled at low temperatures for maximum quality
  • Company empowers co-operatives and farmers through ethical projects and farm revival programs

What makes it classy:

  • Skincare with aromatherapy benefits
  • Sweet, mild, and earthy lavender scent
  • Feels luxuriously soothing, cooling, and hydrating when spritzed on the face

Shop evanhealy Lavender HydroSoul*

Pacha Orange Citrus Whipped Soap + Extra Scrub

This product recently introduced me to Pacha Soap Co., and upon learning about their extensive values and moral conventions, I have been inspired to support them further. In addition to utilizing ethically-sourced ingredients, they use their profits to support numerous modes of world prosperity, including clean water initiatives.

Speaking of water, this scrub is unlike anything I’ve ever used in that it starts out as a solid, airy texture that transforms into a lather when combined with water. The exfoliation particles are comprised of orange peel and sugar, which I find to be gentle yet effective. They have several varieties to choose from, but I often gravitate toward citrus scents, and this one is definitely a winner for me.

What makes it conscious:

  • Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan
  • Handcrafted in the USA with transparent and ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Formulated without parabens, SLS, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances
  • Meets Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care Standards
  • Company uses profits to support clean water initiatives, hygiene education, and small business opportunities worldwide

What makes it classy:

  • Delightfuly fresh citrus scent that I enjoy year-round
  • Cleans and gently exfoliates body at the same time
  • Uniquie whipped texture that lathers with water

Shop Pacha Orange Citrus Scrub*

Andalou Naturals Sensitive 1000 Roses CC Color + Correct SPF 30

While some brands have come and gone within my skincare collection, Andalou Naturals has claimed a steadfast position for years. They combine naturally derived ingredients with the technology of their signature Fruit Stem Cell Science to promote healthy skin at the cellular level. Additionally, the company partners with non-profit organizations to empower women around the world.

On days when I don’t wish to wear heavy or full-coverage foundation, a more lightweight option such as this cc cream is ideal. It comes in both Sheer Nude and Sheer Tan shades (I wear the sheer nude) and blends in easily. The hydrating formula offers just enough coverage to give me that quick, out-the-door confidence I need sometimes.

What makes it conscious:

  • Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan
  • Non GMO Project verified and 97% naturally derived ingredients
  • Formulated with alpine rose stem cells for sensitive skin
  • Mineral-based SPF 30 broad spectrum sun protection
  • Company empowers women through non-profit organizations

What makes it classy:

  • Lightweight, sheer coverage alternative to foundation
  • Hydrating formula with a slightly dewy finish
  • Evens skin tone and helps correct redness; perfect for “no makeup” days
  • Subtle and calming rose scent

Shop Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC SPF 30*

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if you choose to use any applicable links I provide.

This post is not sponsored by any brands or companies. All products featured were purchased with my own funds, and all opinions are my own based on personal user experience.

Clean Up that Dirty Mouth: A Mineral Fusion Lipstick Review

Few experiences in the realm of cosmetics are more satisfying than opening a brand new lipstick. When you catch that initial glimpse of its pristinely untouched surface the first instance you remove the cap, time itself ceases for a brief moment. If you have a lipstick affinity as strong as mine, you know exactly what I am talking about…

When we consider the potentially (and surprisingly) hazardous ingredients of what may actually be lurking within those lavish little tubes, however, things begin to appear far less than pristine. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a 2007 independent lab study revealed that 61 percent of several popular lipstick brands contained lead among other toxic ingredients. Daily activities from coffee-guzzling to noodle-slurping make it inevitable that at least some lipstick will enter our mouths and be ingested. This is why consideration of ingredient safety particularly pertains to lip products. Personally, I would much prefer my pasta topped with marinara rather than poison. Continue reading

POLL: What is Your Favorite Lipstick Color Family?

There are so many colors of lipstick to choose from, and our preferences can be influenced by anything from a wardrobe change to a seasonal change.

Tell me what color family you most gravitate toward at the moment…

Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring all 15 shades of lipstick from Mineral Fusion, one of my favorite clean beauty brands, and also to find out my favorite hues!