Conscious Currents Vol. 2

Here are some current favorites of mine that deserve a spotlight on the stage of conscious and mindful living:

Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil

If you enjoy clean beauty and have not yet discovered Trilogy, they are definitely a brand worth investigating. Inspired by the extensive skin benefits of rosehip seed oil, this New Zealand-born company focuses on formulating skincare that centers around natural, safe, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Established in 2002 by two sisters, they are a business “founded by women for women,” and are thusly on a constant mission to support worldwide female empowerment.

I have recently begun using their cleansing oil as the initial step in my makeup removal process, and it has left me with a wonderful impression of this type of product. The hydrating formula includes organic rosehip, sweet almond, and papaya oils. It slightly emulsifies with water and provides a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. I am even able to use it around my eyes without irritation (and I have particularly sensitive eyes).

What makes it conscious:

  • Certified by NATRUE and Biogro for exclusion of toxins, parabens, and GMOs
  • Ethically manufactured using sustainable ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Company supports numerous social causes including United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles

What makes it classy:

  • Removes makeup without stripping or drying skin
  • Gentle enough for eye area
  • Leaves face feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated

Shop Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil*

Pacifica Enlightened Gloss – Opal

As it never goes out of style, lipgloss is the little black dress of a beauty enthusiast’s cosmetic bag. If you desire luminous shine without the stickiness, the Enlightened Glosses from Pacifica Beauty are a terrific choice. They not only provide a hint of color but also have skin-beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E, so my lips feel soft and hydrated even after I remove the gloss. Lately, I have been loving the shade Opal, which offers a sheer wash of peachy-pink and a slight shimmer. It makes a great lipstick topper to add some extra shine (such as how I used it in my Pumpkin Pie Spice Makeup Look), though it looks just as good on its own.

In addition to Pacifica’s enjoyable cosmetics and intriguing packaging aesthetic, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, they partner with Preserve in a recycling program for their product packaging in efforts to care for the environment.

What makes it conscious:

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Colored with natural mineral pigments
  • Company participates in a recycling program to reduce plastic waste

What makes it classy:

  • Smooth, non-sticky application
  • Lip gloss and treatment in one; hydrates and nourishes lips
  • Versatile product that works well alone or atop other lip products

Shop Pacifica Enlightened Gloss – Opal*

Chavez for Charity Bracelets – Providing Safe Water

I love having pretty “things”–there is no denial. When the possessions that I purchase directly benefit an important cause beyond the typical business-consumer exchange, however, they hold an even more significant value. One example of a company that provides this sort of service is Chavez for Charity. Founder Julie Chavez set out to create a bracelet line that benefitted several worldwide humanitarian concerns. Her beaded bracelets are designed in several colors, each supporting a specific cause including animal welfare, environmental preservation, and breast cancer awareness.

I have accumulated quite a few of these bracelets from various colors/charities over the years, but blue being my favorite color has come to dominate the collection. All of the blue bracelets support causes to provide safe water to millions around the world through affordable sanitation. The bracelets are beautifully crafted with various charm accents. They even come in kids’ sizes, which are also appropriate for smaller adult wrists like my own.

What makes them conscious:

  • Purchase of bracelets supports a greater good
  • 25% of profits go to charities designated for safe water, such as
  • Company has currently provided over 6,000 people in distressed populations with clean water

What makes them classy:

  • Fun to collect and wear
  • Elastic cord makes them easy to slip on and off
  • A simple yet noble way to accessorize

Shop Chavez for Charity Bracelets*

Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea

With winter quickly approaching and the temperatures declining, we are finding more and more comfort in sipping warm, aromatic beverages. At the same time, the cold weather may require our skin to receive some extra attention due to excessive seasonal dryness and sensitivity. Yogi Tea has answered both those needs with their Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin blend.

Yogi bases their recipes off of traditional Ayurvedic practices to create “delicious, functional wellness teas”, each targeting a specific road to wellbeing. This smooth and slightly spicy caffeine-free variety consists of herbs used traditionally to support skin health and hydration, including rooibos, nettle leaf, and Schisandra berry. The cinnamon vanilla flavor certainly contributes to a warm, cozy evening that takes the chill out of winter. I actually finished a cup just now!

What makes it conscious:

  • USDA certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified
  • Supports sustainability through Rainforest Alliance certification and usage of environmentally-friendly packaging materials
  • Based off of traditional Ayurvedic medicine to promote holistic wellness

What makes it classy:

  • Smooth flavor with sweet and spicy notes; perfect for cold-weather seasons
  • Each box features a different yoga pose while the tag on the end of the strings offer inspiring messages
  • A delicious and comforting addition to your beauty routine that goes beyond serums and moisturizers

Shop Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea*

If you like discovering what products others are enjoying, I invite you to visit my sister’s Layla’s blog Flipped Out, where she shares her top beauty choices. Her website documents her personal journey on the rollercoaster of life–anxiety, motherhood, career, injury–and her methods of managing all of it. I truly believe that beauty and self-care rituals can be immensely therapeutic, so please go see what she relies on to stay feeling and looking her best!

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if you choose to use any applicable links I provide.

This post is not sponsored by any brands or companies. All products featured were purchased with my own funds, and all opinions are my own based on personal user experience.

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