Where Smokey Eye Meets Pumpkin Pie

Though Thanksgiving has already passed, pumpkin spice season is still upon us…especially considering many of us are still faced with heaps of leftover pumpkin pie from our holiday feasts!

As we move into the icy winter months, we crave those warm and inviting holiday flavors and aromas to keep us cozy. According to a recipe for homemade pumpkin pie spice from Delish, this classic holiday blend consists of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg–all of which naturally exude the same warmth with their colors as they do with their flavors.

I created this warm-toned subtle smokey eye look inspired by these spices using clean and conscious beauty products. Undoubtedly, I had to include some pumpkin hues as well.

Here are the products I used according to their corresponding spice inspirations:

1. Cinnamon:
A) Vapid from Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows*
B) Dr. Hauschka Lip Liner in (05) Sandalwood*

A) The shimmer side of Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo in Luster*
B) Au Naturale All-Glowing Creme Highlighter in The OG

3. Cloves: Rapture from Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows

4. Allspice:
A) Madly Deeply from Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows
B) The Matte side of Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo in Luster

5. Nutmeg: Touched from Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows

6. Pumpkin:
A) Roused from Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows
B) Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Melon*
C) Pacifica Enlightened Gloss in Opal*
D) Burt’s Bees Blush in Bare Peach*

To create the look, I applied a combination of Touched (5) and Madly Deeply (4A) to the creases of my eyes, Rapture (3) to the outer corners, and a combination of Vapid (1A) and Roused (6A) from the Pink Nudes eyeshadow palette to the center of my lids. Next, I used the shimmer and matte sides of the Luster bronzer (2A, 4B) together with a light hand in the hollows of my cheeks, followed by the Bare Peach blush (6D) on the apples of my cheeks. I then used The OG highlighter (2B) to accent the tops of my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow above my upper lip, and inner corners of my eyes. I completed the ensemble by lining my lips with the Sandalwood lip liner (1B), filling them in with the Melon lipstick (6B) (see the full review), and topping them with the Opal gloss 6C).

If you have similar colors in your makeup collection, this festive look is fun and easy to recreate. All the products I used are of course Consciously Classy approved, as they are cruelty free and do not contain many of the toxic ingredients commonly found in cosmetics.

I hope you all continue to enjoy your holiday season, and best of luck getting through all those Thanksgiving leftovers…

Until next time, be kind, be conscious, and always keep it classy!

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This post is not sponsored by any brands or companies. All products featured were purchased with my own funds, and all opinions are my own based on personal user experience.

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