A Cornucopia of Consciousness

There is much to be encountered in life whether it be material things or experiences. They may be superficial, or they may be deep. They may be forgotten in five minutes, or they may still resonate after ten years of passing. They may fill our hearts with incidental joy, or keep our hearts physically beating.

No matter the scale of importance, however, all of these things add to our vitality. Valuing small pleasures is equally as imperative as doing so for greater things, as they can be an easily accessible comfort at the end of a bad day. Unfortunately, you didn’t get the job promotion you had been hoping for, but at least you have your nightly skincare routine to look forward to.

The phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” works both ways–we also needn’t forget to appreciate the small stuff. There are many beautiful details around us that are begging not to be missed, and acknowledging them can assist us in looking at the bigger picture. For example, I love the way my favorite scarf looks when I wear it. I admire the way the fabric drapes around my neck; the color and pattern placements; the delicate beading on the tassels. I am also grateful to the artisans who crafted those details, as well as the company it came from and their transparency about material sourcing, production facilities, and humanity of the workers.

One thing that has helped inspire me to live a more conscious lifestyle has been keeping a journal. Any simple journal will do, but this particular one I found from Chronicle Books that has a gratitude-specific theme has allowed me to focus more precisely on mindfulness and appreciation. It helps me to find a balance between the immediate joys on the surface and the meaningful and thought-provoking ones that are far more profound. I enjoy the awareness of all pleasures great and small and letting both feed my liveliness.

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate today as part of all the days prior and subsequent. I hope that every single one brings you as much joy as possible.

Until next time, be kind, be conscious, and always keep it classy!

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