Clean Up that Dirty Mouth: A Mineral Fusion Lipstick Review

Few experiences in the realm of cosmetics are more satisfying than opening a brand new lipstick. When you catch that initial glimpse of its pristinely untouched surface the first instance you remove the cap, time itself ceases for a brief moment. If you have a lipstick affinity as strong as mine, you know exactly what I am talking about…

When we consider the potentially (and surprisingly) hazardous ingredients of what may actually be lurking within those lavish little tubes, however, things begin to appear far less than pristine. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a 2007 independent lab study revealed that 61 percent of several popular lipstick brands contained lead among other toxic ingredients. Daily activities from coffee-guzzling to noodle-slurping make it inevitable that at least some lipstick will enter our mouths and be ingested. This is why consideration of ingredient safety particularly pertains to lip products. Personally, I would much prefer my pasta topped with marinara rather than poison.

About Mineral Fusion

With toxicity being a rising concern in the products we as consumers purchase, several cosmetic brands have taken a stand over the years against the issue and chosen to be more selective with their ingredients. One such brand is Mineral Fusion, who holds a special place in my heart because they were one of the initial clean cosmetic brands that catapulted me into the world of conscious beauty. They focus on developing products that are free of many common harmful and/or potentially irritating ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors. Their cosmetics are also Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free and EWG verified for ingredient safety and transparency.

“At Mineral Fusion, we are dedicated to providing clean, natural beauty products. We vow to leave your skin in better condition than we found it.”

Furthermore, they specialize in products that offer additional benefits to the user. According to part of their mission of Making Beauty Healthy, “Our products are created to be multitaskers that help simplify your life, like cosmetics that also soothe sensitive skin, moisturizers that even tone, or eye makeup with age-defying properties.” As someone who has a fondness for cosmetics that blur the line between makeup and skincare, I was immediately attracted to Mineral Fusion when I became aware of the brand nearly 8 years ago.

To this day, I am proud to own a considerable number of their items in my beauty collection, including foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, blushes, nail polishes and more. The general aesthetic of their makeup is effortlessly wearable yet still interpolated with a few noteworthy accents such as bold pops of color and subtle shimmers. Overall, they do an effective job of balancing the mindfulness of clean beauty with the luxury of high-performance.

About the Lipsticks

Mineral Fusion offers a vast selection of lip products from glosses to liners, but nothing is more iconic than that classic bulllet-shaped lipstick that comes in a tube. Impressed as I am with the company, their products, and their values, I was much inclined to purchase all 15 shades.

They are a crème formula that falls somewhere between matte and glossy. They apply incredibly smoothly, and I find them not only moisturizing but quite comfortable to wear. Although not transfer-proof due to their emollient nature, they remain on the lips for a reasonably long time and wear away quite gracefully.

As you will see with the swatches, all of the colors are well balanced between warm and cool hues, making them flattering for a variety of skin undertones and makeup looks.

I purchased the entire collection at Whole Foods Market, and they can also be found on the Mineral Fusion** website. Additionally, you can choose your color at*.


The lipstick components themselves are lightweight yet still feel luxurious in the hand. They boast a reflective rosy-copper color, which looks uniquely elegant amongst the typical black or silver lipstick tubes in my collection from other brands. The company also recently redesigned the outer boxes to match the color and finish of the elements inside for their entire cosmetic line.

Click to enlarge package info, including ingredients

Product Highlights

What makes them conscious:

  • EWG verified for ingredient safety and transparency and free of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and talc
  • Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free and 100% vegan
  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten, artificial colors, and fragrances
  • Formulated with ingredients that condition and hydrate lips such as antioxidants, shea butter, and coconut oil

What makes them classy:

  • Available in a wide variety of colors that strike a balance between adventurous and wearable
  • Crème finish is comfortable to wear and provides a slight sheen
  • Formula applies smoothly and stays in place
  • Simple yet elegant packaging



Let’s begin with a personal favorite…this is my “perfect nude” that all of us makeup enthusiasts search the ends of the earth to find. I needn’t say more.


Burst is a soft copper hue that has some warmth to it. It also has a subtle shimmer that distinguishes it from the other nude shades.


This is a slightly deeper and warmer color than Nude, but I find it still neutral enough to work with many different makeup looks.


This shade has some peachy undertones that make it ideal for those who would typically shy away from stark pink lipsticks.


This is a somewhat warm and earthy version of mauve. It’s actually quite close to the natural color of my lips, so it effortlessly suits my complexion. This is also one of my favorites.


This is the most saturated of the pinks, and while it does have some slight peachy undertones, there is enough fuchsia in it to make a bold statement.


This is a lovely medium-toned pink that has a bluish base to it, which brightens the complexion.


Peony is more on the neutral side of berry and plum hues, making it ideal for both cool and warm skin tones.


This is a gem indeed, as it contains a soft golden metallic shimmer to complement its deep rhubarb base.


This is decidedly another favorite of mine. I have always been attracted to purple and plum lip colors due to their intrepidity, but this one has just enough beige to make it suitable for everyday wear.


When I think of classic red lipstick, this is the color that comes to mind. Much like Charming from the pinks, its cool undertone is pleasantly illuminating.


I honestly thought I didn’t care for orange-based reds until I tried this color. I’m glad I did because it has inspired me to embrace my non-comfort zone!


This red is not only deep but rather saturated. While I typically don’t restrict certain colors to particular times of year, this one is perfect for the holiday season.


As with Flashy from the reds, I was a bit hesitant with this one because I thought I was opposed to orange tones. Mineral Fusion proved me wrong again!


This is a beautiful balance between a bright coral and a nude. As with all the others, it easily works for many skin undertones and makeup looks.

Final Impressions

In the midst of so many lipsticks polluted by questionable and unnecessary ingredients, Mineral Fusion is a credibly dependable company that provides a safe haven. With as much as I enjoy the entire lipstick experience, I greatly appreciate that they consider that which goes beyond the glitz and glamor.

I hope I have provided valuable information when it comes to choosing safer and healthier lip color options. If you have not yet begun to explore all that conscious, clean, and green beauty has to offer, perhaps you will find inspiration from this review.

Until next time, be kind, be conscious, and always keep it classy!


Shop Mineral Fusion Lipsticks*

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if you choose to use any applicable links I provide.

**This post is not sponsored by Mineral Fusion or any other brands/companies. All products featured were purchased with my own funds, and all opinions are my own based on personal user experience.

11 thoughts on “Clean Up that Dirty Mouth: A Mineral Fusion Lipstick Review

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  2. Amber

    Thank you, this is very helpful! There are very few color swatches of MF and none are as compressive as yours. If I may ask, would be willing to do swatches next to each other so the colors are easier to compare to one another? This would be immensely helpful. Thank you again for this post, it is appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Consciously Classy Post author

      Hi, Amber! Thanks so much for your interest in my post. It makes my day that you found it so helpful!! I’ll see what I can do about the side-by-side swatches. If you want to go to my Contact page and send me your email through the form, I can let you know when I have updated the post. 🙂❤️


  3. Karen

    Thank you for trying all the colours! This was so helpful! I noticed your skin tone is fairer than mine so I kept that in mind and I ordered Burst, Alluring and Ruby. I also love Alluring! It’s my favourite of the 3. Burst is nice just to wear in the day for casual as it shows up very light on me but I love the little bit of shimmer in it! Ruby looks pink on me and is quite bright, will be nice for the summer when I have a bit of a tan and lipsticks don’t show up as much. Thanks again. I’m in Canada and natural lipsticks are very expensive here. I was able to find Mineral Fusion at for $12.79! That’s amazing, most of the natural lipsticks I was looking at were anywhere from $30-$70.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Consciously Classy Post author

      Hi Karen! Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad I could help! I still love these lipsticks to this day and actually just asked for a few shades for Christmas, including Alluring 😊 Enjoy and cheers! 💙💙



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